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U.S. Transboundary Water Map

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions and Compacts Regarding Allocation of Interstate Waters

Welcome to Draper & Draper’s database of U.S. interstate water allocations and disputes.  The map's red lines are the USGS-designated boundaries of all interstate water basins in the continental United States.

To use the interactive map:

Click on any water drop to access that water basin's freshwater-related Supreme Court decisions and interstate compacts.

       Magenta water drops indicate a basin with a dispute over interstate water allocation that is currently before the Supreme Court.

       Blue water drops indicate basins with Supreme Court decisions or interstate compacts that allocate water between states.

       White water drops indicate basins with no Supreme Court cases or compacts.

What the Database contains:

  • U.S. Supreme Court interstate water decisions

  • Interstate water compacts

  • Where disputes are ongoing, links to the U.S. Supreme Court's dockets and, if the Court has appointed a Special Master, to the Special Master's docket

  • International water allocation treaties to which the United States is a party

For a selection of Draper & Draper's transboundary water disputes publications, click here.

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