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John B. Draper

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Matthew E. Draper

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Corinne E. Atton

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Draper & Draper has unparalleled experience representing clients in natural resources disputes before the U.S. Supreme Court.



  • Representing the State of New Mexico in litigation against Texas concerning the Rio Grande

  • Represented the State of Kansas in litigation against Colorado concerning the Arkansas River

  • Represented the State of Kansas in litigation against Nebraska and Colorado concerning the Republican River

  • Represented the State of Montana in litigation against Wyoming and North Dakota concerning the Yellowstone River



John Draper served as counsel of record in the Supreme Court for the State of Montana in Montana v. Wyoming and North Dakota (No. 137, Original). The leading treatise Supreme Court Practice (10th ed. 2014) includes the entirety of Montana’s Motion for Leave to File Bill of Complaint, Bill of Complaint, and Brief in Support as the exemplars of Supreme Court practice for cases falling under the Court’s original jurisdiction.


Former Solicitors General Seth P. Waxman and Theodore B. Olson have both called Supreme Court Practice “indispensable”. 


For a PDF of Montana’s filings as they appear in Supreme Court Practice, click here.


We also draft and file amicus curiae briefs on behalf of clients in cases pending before the Federal Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court.  Recent experience includes:


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