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Corinne Atton Joins the Steering Committee of the Campaign For Greener Arbitrations

Draper & Draper is pleased to announce that Corinne E. Atton has been invited to join the Steering Committee of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations.

Corinne leads Draper & Draper's Climate Change Innovation and Patents practice group. The firm advises on all technologies, with a particular focus on climate change innovation, climate change mitigation, natural resource and renewable energy technologies. We also represent clients in climate-related arbitration and litigation, including water and renewable energy disputes.

The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations seeks to raise awareness of the significant carbon footprint of the arbitration community, and encourages all arbitration practitioners and players to adopt and promote sustainable practices.

The Steering Committee of the Campaign comprises key stakeholders in the international arbitration community who are dedicated to helping the arbitration community acknowledge the environmental impacts of their activities and shift to greener practices.

View the Guiding Principles of the Green Pledge here, and sign the Pledge here.


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