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Chambers & Partners Awards John Draper Its Top "Senior Statesperson" Ranking

Draper & Draper is pleased to announce that John Draper was again ranked a “Senior Statesperson” in the 2019 edition of Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business. This is the 13th year that Draper has been recognized by Chambers & Partners. Chambers & Partners reports that:

"John Draper has years of invaluable experience representing clients in various water-related proceedings. He is particularly well known for his appearances before the Supreme Court in interstate water rights cases."

This follows Chambers USA 2019, which stated:

"John Draper is a renowned water law practitioner who has appeared before the Supreme Court on numerous occasions with regard to interstate water rights litigation. He also regularly advises clients during arbitration proceedings. He is known for both his technical expertise and his ability to handle complex disputes."

Previous editions of Chambers USA have stated that Draper is as "a preeminent water law and natural resources attorney" and one who "elicits the highest possible praise from sources for his water law practice."

Chambers has quoted clients stating:

'I can think of no other lawyer in the country who has such a firm command over not only the substantive law of interstate water litigation but also its relevant procedural requirements and political realities.'"

Chambers USA 2016 reported that "According to one source, he has distinguished himself as 'a real water expert for years and years, he's one of the top people. He does a lot of water litigation and is just outstanding. He's a very thorough, extraordinarily knowledgeable attorney.'"

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