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Matthew Draper to Speak on Water Disputes at 2017 International Law Weekend in New York City

Matthew Draper will address the International Law Association's annual International Law Weekend in New York City on "International Water Conflict and Cooperation." Matthew will discuss the U.S. experience with transboundary water disputes and how U.S. jurisprudence informs, and is informed by, international law and practice.

The Panel discussion, entitled International Water Conflict and Cooperation: Grappling with the Allocation of Freshwater Between States in the Face of Climate Change, will take place at 10:45 AM on Friday, October, 20, 2017, at Fordham University.

Other panelists include Ethiopia's Ambassador Ibrahim Idris Ibrahim, Consultant on Boundary and Trans-boundary Affairs, Professor Mohammed Helal, and Christina Hioureas, the Chair of Foley Hoag's United Nation's practice group. The panel will discuss ways in which transboundary surface and groundwater disputes can best be addressed and prevented under existing legal frameworks, taking comparative lessons from both domestic and international dispute resolution. It will also consider ways in which the international community can strengthen governance regimes for the future so that water may serve as a bridge for diplomacy rather than a source of dispute.

For more information, and to register to attend, visit the ILA's website.

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