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OSU Professor Urges Interstate Water Compact, Citing Matthew Draper's Recent Proposal for Easter

Michael Campana, Professor of Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management at Oregon State University, cited Matthew Draper's recent presentation to the American Water Resources Association, to urge the adoption of an interstate compact allocating the Memphis Sands Aquifer between Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

The Memphis Sands Aquifer is already the subject of a case between Mississippi and Tennessee in the U.S. Supreme Court. A negotiated settlement at this time, therefore, is unlikely. But the rising volatility of precipitation and temperatures due to climate change may lead to more water shortages -- and interstate disputes -- in the Eastern United States. In his presentation, Matthew suggested that Eastern States should consider negotiating interstate water allocation compacts to better manage their water risks, much as Western States have done.

You can read Professor Campana's full Waterwired blog post here.

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