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Draper & Draper Co-Author Lead Article in Water Conflicts Issue of ABA's Natural Resources &

John and Matthew Draper co-authored the lead article in this fall's special issue of the ABA's Natural Resources & Environment magazine focused on water conflicts.

ABA's Natural Resources & Environment Magazine Cover

Along with co-author Jeffrey J. Wechsler, John and Matthew write that the U.S. Supreme Court "appears to be entering into a new and more robust era of interstate water adjudication." The article, entitled The Evolving Role of the Supreme Court in Interstate Water Disputes, cites new vigor by the Court in the numbers of interstate water cases it is accepting and in the imposition of new remedies on States that violate past interstate water allocations.

The authors also point to the Court's acceptance of a new case involving a dispute over an interstate aquifer, Mississippi v. Tennessee, Original No. 143, as a bid by the Court to consider a new kind of interstate water allocation. Read the full article here.

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